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How to Work with Me

Meal prepping helps every family, no matter how big or small. Imagine coming home after a long day to a pre-planned and ready meal just waiting for you to relax and enjoy. Using Abby's service - you never have to chop, dice and cut your way through an evening again!

The Abby Cooks Wild service offers convenience, ease and a stress free dinner time each night. In package, we work with you starting with an easy consultation to understand what your family needs, then we help you choose your meals from our wide range of options before letting you set back and relax - we take care of the shopping, prepping and creating frozen, ready-to-eat meals for you and your family to enjoy when you are ready.

All programs can be customized to meet your needs. Vegetarian? No problem. All organic? We've got you covered. Gluten free? No worries. 

Check out the offerings below and choose today how we can help you get your dinner and health back on track! 


Basic Meal Prep

Perfect for those new to meal prep service or those wanting to have some reprieve from the constant chore of cooking. It is an ideal once-a-month service that offers freezer meals and options for quick cooking dinners.


Deluxe Meal Prep

Families that are on-the-go love this deluxe meal prep option. Free yourself from slaving over the stove for hours with these convenient freezer and cook fresh meals. Recommended as a once-a-month service for busy people.


Meal Prep VIP Service

Want to not only prep delicious, ready- in-minutes meals, but also want to learn more about healthy eating? This is for you! Our most flexible menu offers everything you need to get dinner done right tonight.

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