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Healthy Fresh Food and Time
for Real Relationships

Welcome to Abby Cooks Wild, a meal prep and menu planning service based in Golden, Colorado. My mission is to help time-strapped individuals and families get quick, easy, and healthy meals into their homes and onto their tables.

All menus are customized to meet you where you are in both life and in health. I consider food allergies, dietary restrictions and your personal preferences for flavors and cuisines. I partner with a local butcher for high quality proteins and I source produce using the Clean Fifteen-Dirty Dozen guidelines for organic produce. When available, I choose local and seasonal ingredients.

In addition, I also offer remote services including a virtual supper club and customized meal and menu planning services. 

Abby's Meal Planning
& Delivery

Let's be real. The thought of dinner is a struggle for many people and the process is daunting.  Abby Cooks Wild takes the guesswork off your plate by doing the heavy lifting for you. I do all the shopping, sourcing high quality, whole food ingredients. I do all the slicing and dicing, and I deliver the meals to your home with easy-to-follow instructions for getting the meal cooked and on the table to enjoy.



Bon Appétit!


Client Love

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Shela, Lakewood, CO

Abby is amazing! I felt that she really listened to my needs and was able to put something together for me that would be easiest with my busy schedule. She made things so easy for me and has saved me a lot of time with her meal prep to allow me to still be able to eat healthy meals. I would absolutely recommend Abby for anyone who has a busy schedule, doesn’t have the time to cook, is tired of spending a ton of money eating out, or maybe just doesn’t like cooking and wants to maintain a healthy diet.

Meal Prep Services

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My Meal Prep and Delivery Services are available up and down the Colorado Front Range.  Menus and recipes are fully customized to meet your specific needs both in life and in health.  I shop for you the way I shop for my family, using only high-quality proteins from a local butcher and organic produce per Dirty Dozen/Clean Fifteen guidelines.

Abby Cooks Wild Services

Virtual Supper Club 

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Become a member of our Beyond The Box Supper Club! This virtual online experience features dinner options from Epicure that are further customized for each member, and includes shopping lists and recipes. Other benefits include monthly "Cook with Abby" segments and access to our exclusive online Facebook group for additional support for all your meal and menu planning needs.

Additional Services


Abby Cooks Wild can create menus for specific dietery programs being overseen by a medical professional, health-wellness coach, and/or a dietician. including FODMAP,  AIP and more. In addition, meal train services are available for those needing support while navigating a major life event like a birth, death or illness. 

Contact Abby to learn more about these or other related services.

Click on the button to download your complimentary copy of the meal/menu planner. And, check out the accompanying video to learn more about how to utilize it in your own home & kitchen!

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