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For Nutrition and Health Providers

Abby Cooks Wild can help you help your clients learn to help themselves 

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Abby Cooks Wild can help bridge the gap between what you teach your clients & having them actually put it into practice.  When you partner with Abby, you benefit from working together to customize a menu that works within the parameters of your client's current program.  Abby takes what you've taught the client and shows them how to implement what they've learned.


For those clients ready for a maintenance program, Abby can create a customized menu to help your client see what healthy eating looks like in their real lives--all while working with you to create a healthy lifestyle.


Here's what one partner had to say after referring a client who struggled with cooking & portion size to Abby Cooks Wild:

"Wow!  What a difference!!  Thank you so much for helping my client with food.  He told me:

--its easy to prep and take to work

--it tastes much better and is much more satisfying​

For the first time I can tell he is connecting the dots of increasing flavor and connection with food to decrease portion size and cravings. I so appreciate you."            ---Megan M., DTR


Contact Abby today to learn more about how she can help your clients achieve the confidence & success to maintain their new lifestyle of health & wellness. 

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