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Feeding Your Car at the Drive-Through

Have you ever met someone who says they will soon need to purchase a new car because the car they are currently driving still runs beautifully but has 200,000 miles? Chances are, this is also someone who takes very good care of the vehicle and is diligent about maintaining it with regular oil changes, tune ups, etc. What about the person who avoids taking their car in for those maintenance related things and then when they do, says they can't afford the cost associated with having the work done so they selectively choose to have one or two things done to "get by?"

Have you ever met someone who is the picture of health & wellness? This person tries to eat right most days, gets in a few workouts every week, rarely gets sick when it seems everyone around them is fighting the latest bug and generally speaking, reports feeling & looking pretty good? What about the person who often relies on fast food & mid-afternoon coffee pick-me-ups for nourishment, rarely exercises, often gets run-down or sick and then is surprised when they are diagnosed with high blood pressure, diabetes or worse...end up in the ER and have to figure out how to cover the out of pocket expenses associated with their health crisis, often to the tune of thousands of dollars?

Play along with me for a moment and imagine that you finally bought your dream car. Would you put the cheap gas in your Lamborghini? Not if you spent hundreds of thousands of dollars! So, why would you choose to fuel your body, the highest performance vehicle of the animal kingdom, with anything LESS than the purest, real and energy producing foods to keep it running smoothly & efficiently? Can you afford hundreds of thousands of dollars in healthcare bills? Probably about as much as you can afford a Lamborghini, right? So why not take the gamble and invest in yourself & your health over time? One small change can have drastically positive results. If I were betting, I'd say the odds are in your favor.

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