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For me, It's the Beginning of a New Year

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Dead weight. We all carry it around with us. Sometimes it's an extra few pounds. Maybe it's in the form of home clutter. Other times, it's a relationship that has run its course or become toxic. This quote reminds me to take inventory on the things in my life that no longer serve the purpose that they once did and be OK letting them go. I find it at once exhilarating & scary, but I've learned if I'm having that reaction, it's usually a confirmation that I'm making the right decision.

This time of year marks the beginning of a New Year for me. Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, began last night. I used to dread this holiday when I was a kid because it meant having to dress up and go to services instead of attending school. Over the years, I've gained a new appreciation for this holiday because I like the idea of having a fresh start, even though it's only September. It reminds me that letting go of things or starting things over again doesn't have to be put off until tomorrow, next week or even January 1st, but that I have the power within myself to effect change in my life right now. It also forces me to take a step back, evaluate where I can improve areas of my life that may have been neglected (read=the treadmill in my home gym may or may not have cobwebs) and start fresh. Today. Right now.

So, since I am on Day One and since it's a New Year for me, I'm sharing with all of you reading this that I am letting go of my fear around making the one change that I know will make a difference in my life. I am not looking forward to clearing the cobwebs on the treadmill in my home gym and I am absolutely certain I will not enjoy the huffing & puffing that will ensue as a result of my having neglected both my body & the treadmill for a very long time, but I also feel exhilarated by acting on it. I won't regret having done the workout. I will, however, regret NOT having done it.

Join me! You don't have to celebrate a holiday to give yourself the gift of a New Year in September. What's the dead weight you're carrying and what is one thing you can do, right now, today, to shed it for good?

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