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School Lunch Inspiration...

A few thoughts re: school lunches...With it being Back to School for so many kids this week (mine included) I wanted to share this link with you.…/this-dad-makes-the-most-incredib…

Now...before you all start commenting that this parent has too much time on his hands or that he's putting a lot of work into something that may not be fully appreciated or even enjoyed by his kids, I want you to stop and think about how it might spark INSPIRATION for you when you're making lunches for your kiddos this school year. And, let yourself APPRECIATE the true artistry that this dad exhibits. I can promise you I've NEVER made a lunch for my kids that has even come close to these.

Nobody is expecting or pressuring you to recreate any of the photos in the link, but what if you mixed things up a bit and tried a few of these ideas instead...

* COOKIE CUTTERS: Use them to cut sandwiches, fruits, veggies & cheese slices into shapes. When they were preschoolers, my kids loved seeing their initials or X's & O's in their lunchbox. Who's to say a tween wouldn't, also?

* WRITE A NAPKIN NOTE: It doesn't have to be anything complicated. A simple, "I love you" or "Have a great day." might just be a great surprise to your kiddo.

* GO CRACKER JACK: Keep a stash of stickers, rub-on tattoos or cards with silly sayings or jokes on them to add to the lunch box, just for fun. The Dollar Store or Oriental has some really fun but corny things that kids love to find as a treasure in their lunch. Think Glow Sticks! 📷:)

* MYOL: Make Your Own Lunchable! My kids LOVE when I make lunches for them that appear to be just a bunch of miscellaneous ingredients based on what I have on hand. I try to balance it out, but let's be real: there have been times when Mother Hubbard needed to go to the store and it was slim pickens. I just went with it. So what if it's a little "unconventional?" Trail mix, a Babybel cheese round and some blueberries or a banana? Sure, why not?

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